Artists Who Snuck In Personal Details 🤔 Ink Master

Artists Who Snuck In Personal Details 🤔 Ink Master

From one artist putting the time he was born to another using his girlfriend’s face as the reference, these Ink Master artists hid personal easter eggs in some of their tattoos. Some worked them in seamlessly, while others got called out.

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  1. Alex has an art skill level that is closer to a novice but the unearned ego of a professional. He has no concept of proportion, perspective, design, anatomy or how to make something pleasing to the eye.
    Dude needs to humble himself and learn the basics at the very least.

    Btw I just adore Anthony and his work. He has this mellow and calming aura that I really like.
    Some of the other competitors are just rude, smug and full of themselves, which is very off-putting and alienating.

  2. I've never seen a bunch of tattoo artists that are so whiny and act like little primadonnas so much. I really hope it's all fake for tv like everything else

  3. It's the time he was born, and he's stupid enough to say it? A momentous occasion for his momma, I'm sure, but I don't think anyone else gives a rat's fluffy bottom.

  4. Am i the onl one who dislikes Sarah Miller? Yes she is a great artist, but everytime i see her i get uncomfortable. She really has that narcissistic smug face

  5. I feel like if you're gonna add a personal touch to the tattoo, then it should at least be subtle like Cleen's front teeth.

    Also, am I the only one questioning why they tore up Nic for adding his birth time into a tattoo but not Alex for putting a portrait of his girlfriend in there?

  6. Can't believe that dude thinks the face he tattooed was good…..even when you are told it's a supposed to be the angle of the pic that makes it look like that it looks like a weird shaped face.Poor quality work all around

  7. we can no longer watch this program in brazil.. it went off the air and what about now? It's not on netflix, hulu, amazon video, paramount+.. nowhere! we are really sad. help us.

  8. i just wanna know how they all are certified tattoo artists but don’t know what surrealism is ☠️ likeeee i thought tattoo artist had to go to school

  9. The judges: "we want a surrealistic face"
    Also the judges "it's not in proportion! It's not attractive to me! It's weird!"

    Make up your damn minds, also not every portrait of a woman has to be attractive FFS

  10. Honestly tho, if we're looking at the female morph tattoos as a whole and not as which one has the most beautiful face I would gladly wear Alex's one over any of the others. The alien looking face can kinda fit the apocalyptic theme or at least be reworked while there's no fixing Cleen's and Sarah's grey blobs. I mean, idk what tf they were thinking, you can't even make out what's happening now that they are fresh, after they've healed they're gonna be a complete mess

  11. Lol Alex is the most delusional and egotistical tattoo artist on this show next to Mystical Mike. He claims his work is good but all his clients hated on his tattoos he did in the show. And also he made his gf's image not "hot." He made her look like an ugly old woman with a stretched face. Even his client said to Alex's face as proof that the face was busted and that everyone in the human canvas jury including him agreed. Thank God his ass went home after that challenge.

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Redid a sailor Jerry piece (IG: @d.barcelona_)

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