Getting a Tattoo Sleeve: Do's & Don'ts

Getting a Tattoo Sleeve: Do's & Don'ts

♥ In today’s video I go through some of the do’s and don’ts of planning and executing a tattoo sleeve! I get asked questions about this sooo often that I thought it was about time I made a video covering the topic. There is a lot to say, and obviously these are all just recommendations. There are as many ways of planning a sleeve as there are people on the planet. But these are the recommendations from myself and some of my tattoo artists! Enjoy! Links to all examples and artists below.

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  1. I did the first half of my Japanese style sleeve and now I'm starting to change my mind on what I want for my second appointment. Trying not to overthink it.

  2. Ok I'm not a total square but a lot of Tatoos on woman are not very attractive. One or two is fine. But your whole sleeve done, or neck done is too much. Do you want to be the wife of a mayor with all those tattoos? In Corporate America as a man, you are judged by your accomplishments or your woman. Do you want to show up at a $1,000.00 per plate event and your woman got all those tattoos? Know body is going to take you or her seriously. Tattoos are a sign of poor impulse control and rebellion. Do you want to be involved with an impulsive rebellious woman?

  3. i actually use my right arm (lower arm) for pirate related tattoo's in a bit of a patchwork style , but i don't care about combining styles , got a new school pirateskull with a microrealisme small pirate ship coming right below it for example …. if you like it , do it!

  4. This video helped me a lot , I got 2 tattoos in my left arm . I got an anchor in my inner forearm and a windrose in the external part of my biceps. I’m going for the 3rd one and I was in doubt if I would do a battleroyal in the other part of my forearm. I have ideas to complete the Windrose like a map and A ship. I think I am
    Going for that messy look because we have to do what we like and feel good with it and not to show to others .

  5. I came across this a while after you posted it; my sleeve is actually the patchwork style, but I spoke with my tattoo artist and he and I are planning on filling in my arms over time. He's done all my work for the past 10 years so I will constantly go back to him. We're gonna be tying them all together.

  6. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but i planned & love the gaps in my sleeve tattoo. I don't like my whole arm completely full of stuff; it's just too much to me. I have poppies running down my arm bcuz i've been a landscaper for 20 yrs, a monarch bfly (i raise them for conservation), & a giant panther on my shoulder. It's all realism.

  7. "Don't mix styles" haha that was my plan all along, even though each 1/4 arm has a theme one is childish/ child like, the other is adult/ traditional and they swap in the lower arms
    (Accepting past & current as they were and are).
    I think so long as it makes sense to you, it shouldn't matter

  8. I went into a shop in batavia illinois called sink or swim tattoo. It seems like there was only one tattooer there (the owner) and his personality sucked not to mention I could draw better and I dont draw. Trusting someone to not fuck up my sleeve is the hardest thing I have to get passed. I watch ink master and over the years I've learned what to look for and how to tell quality, symmetry, line work, contrast, detail, cohesiveness, etc etc. One day I hope to find that special someone…. haha….

  9. ill be honest I spent over half the video trying to work out if the one on your left arm at the top is mick mars or not haha its a great tattoo tho love them all

  10. I'm hella late to the party but oh my GOD I fucking LOVE the Mick Mars portrait on your arm!! I really want to get a portrait of him done on my outer thigh !

  11. Thanks for the video, always knew a patchwork sleeve would look great on me but it's nice to hear your relaxed view but also see your tattoos looking good! Going to wait untill I have the money though

  12. the moment your boss loses the respect of all employees after picking up his pen from the ground… while picking up the pen his blouse went up, showing a really girly tramp stamp of a deerskull wrapped in flowers and butterfly's… will he ever regain his respects? what do you guys think

  13. One more tip if you're getting a pre-planned sleeve is to do your research on an artist. IMO matching what you want with their previous work/specialty, and making sure you get along, is really important!

  14. Great video! I'm actually doing the patchwork sleeve where I'm adding a bunch of random things that I like onto my arm and then eventually doing shading to fill in the gaps.

  15. Wish I would’ve taken this into consideration once I started getting tattooed. I have one tattoo on my left arm that fits better with the ones on my right arm. Could’ve used my left arm to continue focusing on family tribute

  16. Great advice, really funny. Well, Beauty really in the eye of the beholder, and you're beholding your own ink, so do what's beautiful to your own eye! 💗

  17. This video helps me a lot ! Because I thought about getting some type of patchwork, I know what elements I want for a while BUT I also thought I needed to plan it. 👀

  18. Hi Katrin, this video was incredibly helpful, thank you! I wanted to ask out of curiosity; who's portrait is that of, on your left arm? It looks very cool. Also looks like Mick Mars (from Motley Crue) 😄

  19. A once pretty girl who now looks like a psychotic headhunter from Borneo.

    But if that's what turns you on then I support your self destruction all the way.

    All the best to you.

12x cuff tattoos van Vic James - One Hand in my Pocket

12x cuff tattoos van Vic James – One Hand in my Pocket

This one was a lot of fun. Done by myself @tattoosbycraigb in Cincinnati @studiotwotwenty513

This one was a lot of fun. Done by myself @tattoosbycraigb in Cincinnati @studiotwotwenty513